What support will I get to become a clerk for Shaping Governance?

At Shaping Governance, we have an established induction process to help new clerks get up to speed quickly and effectively.  We provide you with all the training you need to be able to use your skills in the role of clerk.   All information and documentation required for the start-up of your role will be provided.  […]

What hours does a clerk work?

One of the great things about becoming a self-employed clerk with Shaping Governance is that other than the actual meetings, the work of a clerk can fit around your other commitments.  The total hours per day/week that you will work will depend upon how many schools you clerk for.   A typical governing board meeting takes […]

Do I need a background in education to be a clerk?

A background/knowledge of the education system is not required for the role of clerk. However, this would be beneficial. Many administrative roles would have transferrable skills.  Specific knowledge of legislation, terminology, etc, will form part of the induction process.  Support on this will be provided by the team at Shaping Governance. If you are currently […]

How can I get more information about the services provided by Shaping Governance?

Shaping Governance is a leading provider of governance improvement and support services for schools, academies, and multi-academy trusts across the education sector. Our mission is to help schools and trusts thrive by offering professional advice, training, clerking and resources to enhance their governance practices. We are dedicated to promoting excellence in education through effective governance. […]

How do I become a school Governor?

If you are interested in becoming a school governor, you can contact us for an informal chat, and we can tell you more about the role, or if you have a school in mind – contact them directly.

Do multi-academy trusts have governing boards?

In a multi-academy trust, the board of trustees (sometimes known as directors) is legally accountable for the decisions made in all its academies. However, this does not mean the board is required to make them all itself; it can delegate decisions to the CEO and and it is committees or local boards.

What is a Multi-Academy Trust?

Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is an academy trust that operates more than one academy school. Academy schools are state-funded schools in England which are directly funded by the Department for Education and independent of local authority control.

What is the time commitment if I become a school governor?

All Governing Boards have different structures so there is not a simple answer to this. Governing Board meetings are usually around 2 hours long, although some can be longer. As a rule of thumb, you are looking at monthly meetings of 2 hours across the academic year, plus some additional engagement. But as we say […]