Publications and Research

Our CEO, Su Turner, has a great deal of experience in supporting councillors and school leaders to improve outcomes for children, health, and communities. Su has had the privilege of working with national government, and their drive in improving health and in tackling inequalities.  Over the last 20 years, she has authored many publications on topics such as education, governance, safeguarding, corporate parenting, health inequalities, and communities.

Our work is practical and focused on supporting others to learn and fast-track improvements.  Our publications and research get to the core of good governance!

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Being Appreciative improving school governance through an appreciative lens

Local Leadership and Accountability for Children's Mental Health Services

Back to School -Ways for scrutiny to influence local education

Your School, Your Community - Elected councillors’ role in school improvement

Safeguarding Children - A practical guide for local councillors

10-questions to ask if you’re scrutinising services for looked-after children

Checking-the-Nations-Health: the value of council scrutiny

Appreciative-Scrutiny: A guide to using Appreciative Inquiry in council scrutiny


Spanning-the-System: Broader horizons for health scrutiny

Health_overview_and_scrutiny: exploiting opportunities at a time of change

Valuing Inclusion: demonstrating the value of council scrutiny in tackling inequalities

Tipping-the-Scales: a model to measure the return on investment of scrutiny

Peeling-the-onion: learning tips and tools from the Health Inequalities Programme


Who Governs Our Schools

Whose school is it anyway?: a national education debate