What support will I get to become a clerk for Shaping Governance?

Category: Clerking / Governance Professional

At Shaping Governance, we have an established induction process to help new clerks get up to speed quickly and effectively.  We provide you with all the training you need to be able to use your skills in the role of clerk.  

All information and documentation required for the start-up of your role will be provided.  This includes a full working procedures manual and all required schedules and templates.  Shaping Governance has delivered high-quality clerking services for a number of years, and so there is a well-established process which includes QA of all your documentation prior to release to the client.

There is an office-based central team who will always be on hand to help.  This includes the provision of any client-specific information and a full briefing before the commencement of the clerking duties.

Shaping Governance will allocate a mentor to you when you first begin to provide services.  This will remain in place for as long as needed.

In addition, we run regular clerking briefings, allowing you to meet the full team and discuss best practices, etc. 

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