Coaching and Mentoring

Executive leadership coaching and mentoring for leaders and governors of Schools, Councils, Charities and other public sector bodies.

Coaching and mentoring can be effective approaches to developing leaders and governors. Both enhance the skills, knowledge, confidence and performance of individuals in leadership roles.  Coaching and mentoring practice are delivered as one-to-one conversations building towards a goal.

Whilst the terms coaching and mentoring are used interchangeably, they are different.  Here at Shaping Governance, we have the knowledge and expertise to support our clients with both.

What is coaching?

Coaching aims to improve an individual's performance, whether this is as a leader or as a governor. Its main focus is on creating a goal, and then through one-to-one sessions, using techniques and questioning, the individual is supported to find ways to achieve the goal.  Coaches do not offer advice or solutions.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring tends to be provided by an experienced leader or governor, people that have been there already and can help you to navigate your challenges by offering advice and relaying their experience.

Our support

We provide coaching or mentoring to individuals or, with the client's permission, use both interchangeably.  We are experts in Governance but also experienced executive coaches, and our clients benefit from this knowledge and insight.

Our clients include headteachers and CEOs of Multi Academy Trusts, chairs of governors, charity trustees, overview and scrutiny councillors, and corporate parents.  Our support helps them to explore their roles and responsibilities fully and to improve their confidence and practice.

"I had heard about Shaping Governance and Su’s reputation from colleagues within the region. I, therefore, wanted to work with Su to get her support in improving the governance of my school"

Ali Ashley, Headteacher, Hebden Green Community School

"Su is incredibly professional. The process has exceeded our expectations"

Marina Kelly, Catholic Senior Executive Leader, Holy Cross Catholic MAC

"The impact has been phenomenal!"

Andy Moor, CEO, Holy Family Catholic MAT

"Shaping Governance was the driver to improve the effectiveness of governance"

Sue Finch, Headteacher, Westminster Community Primary School

"Governors have become more focused on challenging and their responsibilities around holding to account"

Sarah Barlow, Headteacher, Adelaide School

"Shaping Governance is a great way for governors to learn, share and improve, and helped Create Learning Trust to get the most out of the role of local boards".

Sarah Woodward, CEO, Create Learning Trust

“It feels like some of the barriers between the individual governing bodies have melted. They now see themselves as part of one organisation: Holy Cross Catholic MAC”

Jos Parry, Holy Cross Catholic MAC