What hours does a clerk work?

Category: Clerking / Governance Professional

One of the great things about becoming a self-employed clerk with Shaping Governance is that other than the actual meetings, the work of a clerk can fit around your other commitments.  The total hours per day/week that you will work will depend upon how many schools you clerk for.  

A typical governing board meeting takes a total of approximately 8-10 hours, and this can be split into three sections;

  • Meeting preparation & agenda setting;
  • Attendance at the meeting itself – usually around 2 hours, online or in-person;
  • Write up of minutes and any follow-up actions and updates to records.

There are deadlines around the preparation for meetings and the production of follow-up documentation, but they allow you flexibility around other commitments.

Most governing boards meet between 6-9 times a year.

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