Have you ever been to a Governing Board meeting and thought you were on a different planet? 

I work supporting governance improvement across many sectors and know how the constant use of acronyms can lead to vagueness, confusion, and disengaged governors.

Those school governors will know that you can't get through a meeting without someone using an acronym. It's usually not intentional, but schools need to remember that not all governors have an educational background. It's not just new governors that struggle with terminology; education is littered with Acronyms. If there is one thing to be grateful for though school governors - the NHS is worse, as I found as a Non-Executive Director of a GP Federation!

So building on my blog from the 20th on Transparency, it's time to be firm and insist that the acronyms used are explained. 

We've created an Acronym Glossary (A-Z of Educational Acronyms) to help you to get to know your HOCA from your HLTA 😂.  The list has been created using the things we have come across during our work with schools.  It's not an exhaustive list; it's a work in progress and will be updated regularly. But it does begin to introduce you to educational terms to help you get up to speed for your meetings.  If you think something is missing, let us know - and we'll gladly add it.  You can access the Glossary and other free downloads using the above link.

We haven't gone into detail on each one, a quick Google and you will find more information.  Plus, there are many helpful guides by the NGA, The Key, and others, some are free, and some have a small charge, such as the glossary by my governing colleagues and friends at New Leaf Governance.

Let's make a pact to make our language accessible for all!

Three more sleeps!


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