Shaping Governance turns 7!

Celebrating 7 Years of Shaping Governance: A Journey of Impact and Growth On the 8th of April, Shaping Governance turns 7! It’s an occasion that allows us to reflect on our journey, the milestones we’ve achieved, and the impact we’ve made in the world of governance. Seven years ago, Su Turner, our Chief Executive, embarked […]

Reflections of 2023

“Shaping Governance” is more than a company name; it captures the very essence of our mission. Since 2017, Shaping Governance has improved the landscape of governance and the support provided to the public sector governors in our schools, councils and charities.   During the last 12 months, Shaping Governance has again supported 100s of schools and […]

The Power of Reflection

‘The more reflective you are, the more effective you are’! This quote from Hall and Simeral – sums up my thoughts and should be a regular activity for all governing boards.  And not just because the Department for Education tells us to – but because there is a moral obligation to do so. As we […]

Accountable; Transparent and Inclusive Governance

A cornerstone of effective governance is relationships and how members of a board work together to the benefit of the school.   The stakeholder model of governance that we use in the education sector has its advantages, bringing together all stakeholders with interest in the school, but creating a ‘team’ takes clarity and commitment; an […]

Five things to ponder when thinking about joining or creating a Multi-Academy Trust

The government has always had an ambition for the growth of the multi-academy sector. Back in 2010, when the approach was legislated through the Academies Act, I worked for a national good governance charity and remember many meetings with Department for Education colleagues and other system leaders about the need to ensure that getting governance […]

Why you should consider becoming a school governor.

As we start the new academic year, there are many challenges facing schools and their governors – some, such as the financial challenge and rising costs, are harder to tackle. But, one challenge that should be relatively easy to fix is governor recruitment. Not many people realise that there is a board of volunteers in […]

Shaping governance insight

What are the challenges facing school Governors?

Shaping Governance has just turned five – happy birthday to us!  So, what better time to share with you what I’ve discovered about the challenges facing school governors – and how these can be overcome. Since launching Shaping Governance in 2017, I’ve been working with hundreds of schools every year that use my framework to […]