Adopting a learning culture is a key attribute of effective governing boards.

Shaping Governance: Improve, provides a robust framework for all boards to achieve this, in a dynamic, proven and effective way. 

Comprehensive Governance Annual Improvement PlanningThe Department for Education recommends that Governing Boards reflect and evaluate regularly.  This is because self-reflection helps Boards to be are as effective as possible.  But, it can be hard to find the time to do this, with busy meetings and packed agendas.

Boards need to adopt a learning culture, and Shaping Governance: Improve provides a robust framework to achieve this.  The short and focused two-hour sessions provide the valuable space outside of board meetings to do this.  Sessions help Governors to reflect on their duties, practice, and skills, and identify the improvements needed.  Plan, do, review, repeat!

It is time efficient, multi-dimensional, and you even get an improvement plan written for you.  

Plus we return to work with you and hold you to account every year!

Our support helped Pebble Brook School in Crewe to

create an improvement cycle and strengthen governor monitoring

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