Pebble Brook Primary School

Evaluating Governance 

Pebble Brook Primary School

Evaluating Governance

Pebble Brook is a good school, featuring in the top three schools in Cheshire East; which is testament to the hard work of staff, governors and of course out fabulous children.

As a pro-active school, we were looking for something that could help governors to evaluate their practice, level out and improve the knowledge of governors and learn from good governance examples.

I was interested in Shaping Governance as it ticked all of these boxes and more! Shaping Governance uses appreciative approaches and conversations, to challenge and support governors to learn, share and identify improvements together.  It’s inclusive, supportive but challenging - which imperative for governance.

It’s a great team builder activity, but what it has allowed us to do is give governors the attention that they needs in a way that doesn't use too much of their valuable voluntary time.  I was amazed how much governors got through in two hours; and the help and support provided by Su, and the examples of good practice that she gave to us with her recommendations, has helped our board to reflect and improve.

Just two hours a year, adds great value to governors skills, knowledge and support to the school.

Mrs Nikki Lawton


Pebble Brook Primary School


Hear first hand from Nikki Lawton,

Headteacher of Pebble Brook

Primary School why she used

Shaping Governance

and the difference it made!