Special Schools

Special Schools are those that provide an education for children with a special educational need or disability, and where their needs cannot be met within a mainstream school, some of these schools also provide residential care.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience supporting governors of Special Schools in fulfilling their educational responsibilities and, for those with residential settings, their social care responsibilities, too.

Su Turner, our CEO, blends her experience of supporting governors to challenge and support schools for the educational outcomes of children with her background in Children's Social Care, ensuring that governors are aware of their unique responsibilities for their residential setting.

"Su’s facilitation exceeded my expectations. On both occasions, she led the room skilfully, enabling participation, valuing contribution and guiding colleagues through their own learning journey. Su’s pitch and pace were insightful. All colleagues left the CPD programme with the aims being met, interested in future learning and galvanised to develop their responsibilities as governors."

Ali Ashley, Headteacher, Hebden Green Community School

Educational responsibilities

We have a solid reputation for working with Special Schools to ensure that their governors are able to monitor and support the school to provide the best education for children that attend the school.  Our Shaping Governance Programme works well for Special School Governors, and we support all governors to learn, share and improve their practice.

Residential social care responsibilities

Su, our CEO, has a background in children's Social Care and has worked with Special Schools with Residential settings to help governors understand their social care responsibilities. We work with Special Schools to develop their own Governor Residential Care Toolkit to assist governors in overseeing, challenging and ensuring children are safe in school and in your residential offer.

Use the button below to ask for more details about how we can support your setting and its governance.

"I had heard about Shaping Governance and Su’s reputation from colleagues within the region. I, therefore, wanted to work with Su to get her support in improving the governance of my school"

Ali Ashley, Headteacher, Hebden Green Community School

"Su is incredibly professional. The process has exceeded our expectations"

Marina Kelly, Catholic Senior Executive Leader, Holy Cross Catholic MAC

"The impact has been phenomenal!"

Andy Moor, CEO, Holy Family Catholic MAT

"Shaping Governance was the driver to improve the effectiveness of governance"

Sue Finch, Headteacher, Westminster Community Primary School

"Governors have become more focused on challenging and their responsibilities around holding to account"

Sarah Barlow, Headteacher, Adelaide School

"Shaping Governance is a great way for governors to learn, share and improve, and helped Create Learning Trust to get the most out of the role of local boards".

Sarah Woodward, CEO, Create Learning Trust

“It feels like some of the barriers between the individual governing bodies have melted. They now see themselves as part of one organisation: Holy Cross Catholic MAC”

Jos Parry, Holy Cross Catholic MAC