Governors explore how they can improve the challenge provided to the Headteacher and senior leaders and become a more effective 'Critical Friend.'

Improved challenge and support from Governors.  Being a constructive critical friend by providing challenge and support is a key role of a Governor.  Holding senior leaders to account for how they are implementing the school’s vision and driving school improvement and how this drives a good education for pupils.

Whilst this is important, it is also quite hard to do if, for example, the Governor is not from an education background or they do not fully understand their role.  This can be especially tricky for parent and staff governors, who wear more than one hat. 

Shaping Governance: Improve, helps governors to explore how they can improve the challenge provided to the Headteacher and senior leaders.  It also helps them to explore other ways to triangulate information, and focus on the key questions that they should ask.

It also helps parent governors and staff governors to develop a concise view of their role, how they can use their own experience to enhance decisions and add value.

Our support helped Westminster Primary School in Ellesmere Port 

to improve their understanding of their role and the school, which led to enhanced

challenge and support, as confirmed by the Headteacher!


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