Become a school Governor, improve your skills and local schools

The role of the school governor is demanding but very rewarding and is a good way to give back to your local community. The governing board works with the headteacher and the staff at the school to make sure the school provides good quality education for all its pupils and constantly strives to improve.
School governing boards need a good mix of people from their local community, from all walks of life, who can bring different viewpoints, experiences, skills and fresh ideas with them. They can be parents, staff at the school, residents in the locality or representatives of local churches and businesses.
You don’t need to be an expert. What’s really important is that you have energy, enthusiasm, time and a real desire to help provide children with the best possible education. Governors need to set high expectations and ask challenging questions but are not expected to make day-to-day decisions about how the school is run. That’s the job of the headteacher and senior staff.

Why become a governor?

Well, there are quite a few reasons, really, but here are three big ones:
  • It's rewarding, and you will be making a difference to education and children's lives.
  • You will gain many skills that you can apply to your working life, including problem-solving, financial planning, strategy development, teamwork, professional skills, decision making etc.
  • You will naturally extend your network.  Governing boards are made up of a diverse group of people, so you'll be able to extend your reach and network.

Want to be a governor but not sure how to become one? Or are you wondering what is involved in the role?

Our FAQ below should help you to understand the role in more detail, but if you're still unsure, get in touch using the button, and we can help you understand how becoming a governor will be good for you!

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Not quite everyone, but in general anyone aged 18 or over can be a governor or trustee (with some exceptions). You don’t have to work in education or have children at the school to be a governor. A governing board is made up of different community stakeholders, which form a diverse group of people, with different skills, experiences and interests.

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No, the role of a school governor is voluntary. Did you know that there are around 250,000 governors across the country, governing around 27,000 schools?

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School Governors oversee the leadership and management of a school. They ensure strategy, policy, budgeting, and staffing are organised in the best way possible to ensure the effective running of the school.

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All Governing Boards have different structures so there is not a simple answer to this. Governing Board meetings are usually around 2 hours long, although some can be longer. As a rule of thumb, you are looking at monthly meetings of 2 hours across the academic year, plus some additional engagement. But as we say all schools are different, so before you commit check with the school.

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Schools have governors to ensure the effective running of a school and to ensure the headteacher is held to account for doing this.

If you want to find out more about how becoming a school governor will benefit you, use the Contact Us page to get in touch. We can arrange a chat and then introduce you to a school.