Shaping Governance Programme - the original

Proven to make a positive difference to all boards that use it - fact!

The original and still the best!

The Shaping Governance programme was our first product, created in 2017 'with schools for schools'. It was designed to maximise impact quickly, knowing that Governors are volunteers already giving a lot of their time.

In two just hours, Governors, as a team, learn about important areas of the school and their responsibilities; they then discuss and identify improvements and we provide insight on how to do things better.

Our 'appreciative' framework brings many benefits. We are biased and know that the Shaping Governance Programme makes a real difference, so here are the benefits as described by the hardworking Governors and Headteachers that we work with:

  • Improved Governor Induction: "It showed my Governors what was expected of the role, what they needed to know, and how they could carry it out effectively"
  • Ofsted Awareness and Preparation: "It helped my Governors to be more confident about the school and how they could support us during an inspection"
  • Improved Challenge and Support: "It gave my Governors improved insight about the school and they use this now to provide challenge in a supportive way"
  • Improved teamwork and Succession: "Governors worked as a team to share their knowledge of the school; they bounced ideas for improvement off each other "
  • Improved Governor Skills and Competencies: "The session helped Governors to understand the skills that they needed and how they can take responsibility for acquiring them"
  • Comprehensive Improvement Planning: "We now use Shaping Governance as an annual planning tool  alongside our school improvement plan, now in our sixth year"

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It's more than training; our Shaping Governance Programme literally 'shapes' your governance for the better!

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