Shaping Governance ™ uses a tried and tested technique to support all governors

and senior leaders to learn, share and improve - in just 2 hours. [activecampaign]

Shaping Governance was created and launched in 2017.  It was created by Su Turner, our Director, who has extensive governance experience in the Education, Not for Profit, and Health sectors and in Local and National Government.

Having governed in Schools for over 14 years, Su was frustrated at some of the training courses that she attended and that it was hard to translate learning to her own setting, and to other governors.  Su is also trained in Appreciative Inquiry, which is a proven technique to bring the best out of people and services. So, after piloting in many schools, Shaping Governance was born.

Shaping Governance enhances the knowledge, skills, confidence and impact of all governors.  It’s been cited by Ofsted as a tool for improvement and also transformed a Governing Board who were awarded ‘Governing Board of the Year’ 2021, by a subsidiary of the National Governance Association.  By the way, the school that was awarded Runner up used Shaping Governance too!!

Shaping Governance is now used annually by 100s of governing boards (in all phases), to learn, reflect and improve; and has a solid 5 diamond rating for the immediate improvement it makes.

Delivered online and face to face too

Call Su on the number below, or email Su@insighttoimpactconsulting.co.uk to see how Shaping Governance can help your board.

It’s a great team building activity... I was amazed how much governors got through in two hours; and the help and support provided by Su, and the examples of good practice that she gave to us with her recommendations, has helped our board to reflect and improve.
Just two hours a year, adds great value to governors' skills, knowledge and support to the school.
Nikki Lawton, Headteacher
Pebble Brook School

It's more than training, Shaping Governance literally 'shapes' your governance!

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