As a company, we are grounded in practice and appreciative in our approach.  We love to see the lightbulb moment in governors when they are in one of our sessions - our founding company, Insight to Impact was born to use insight to make an IMPACT and a lightbulb is a key part of that.

Our CEO has worked across many sectors to improve governance, but she is also a 'Glass-Half-Full' professional, growing the good and helping others to achieve.

To coin a popular phrase - Values are for living not laminating, and our values are threaded through all of our work.

The values of our company reflect this:

Insight - everyone has insight - we bring this out and use it to make a difference;

Involve - everyone makes a difference - we use inclusive approaches to all our work;

Inspire - everyone can inspire, and we inspire confidence;

Innovate - everyone can contribute to ideas and innovation, we encourage creativity;

Integrity - everyone should act with integrity - we do and promote this;

IMPACT - everyone can make an IMPACT - we ensure that they do.

Our ethos and values are important to me.  

I love make a difference, and that's why I set up Shaping Governance. It means a lot to me when I hear that we are chosen over other notable governing improvement organisations due to our strong ethos and values.

Su Turner, CEO, Shaping Governance

Using Insight to make an IMPACT

We're on a mission to help governing boards be the best that they can be for the children, the staff and the school!