Supporting your employees to volunteer as Governors brings benefits to your company too!

Being a school governor is a rewarding and satisfying role.  Sadly, many governing boards have vacancies.  Some schools find filling their governance vacancies easy, whilst others can struggle and potentially never fill.
 So we wanted to help connect local employers with local schools and launched 'Step on Board'.  Its purpose is two-fold?
  • To provide opportunities for employers to give back to the community, improve educational outcomes for local children and their future workforce, and provide valuable experience for ambitious and aspiring professionals.
  • To ensure that schools and governance have the capacity to support children to do well.
Many companies have Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies, supporting employees to volunteer as a governor contributes to this.  Our National Governor Recruitment Service is popular with local and national businesses, such as, and schools alike.
"Trevor Langston, lead for The Cheshire and Warrington Pledge, said, “Being a school governor is a great opportunity for anyone looking to develop their skills and experience.  Schools also benefit from having employers able to provide an insight into the needs of the local labour market and the skills and qualities that employers look for.  We look forward to working together with Su as we see employers working with schools at governor level as a great opportunity to help further our vision of putting employers at the heart of working with young people."

Are you an employer who wants to give back to your local community while developing your employees' skills and knowledge?

If so, then get in touch using the button below, saying that you are an interested employer.

'Step on Board' 

We don't just find governors and say goodbye; we:

  • Use our business and school connections to find the right person and the right role;

  • Provide new recruits with the support to understand the roles, responsibilities and expectations involved;

  • Provide evidence that your business is taking your Corporate Social Responsibility seriously

  • Keep in touch with new recruits to help them to flourish in their role.