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In the health sector, governance is about how provider boards run their organisations. It ensures decisions are made well, risks are controlled, and the right results are achieved. In the NHS, this means delivering safe and effective services in a caring environment and working well with partners. The Health and Care Act 2022 says providers must consider how their choices affect three things: improving health and wellbeing, making healthcare better, and using NHS resources wisely.
Therefore it is essential that governance and its board of directors and non-executive directors are effective and work well as a team to ensure that the organisation provides good quality care that is safe, effective and responsive to need. Strong Boards must provide excellent leadership, supporting better patient care and improved outcomes. 

Our Experience

Shaping Governance supports improvement across all sectors.  This means that we can bring together the very best practice that we see - governance is governance after all.
Su Turner, our CEO, is an experienced Non-Executive Director.  She has served as a non-executive director in a GP Federation, in the private sector within a local Chamber of Commerce; and held many governor roles.
Since Su began Shaping Governance in 2017, she has worked with health and care organisations to review the effectiveness of their governance.  Our clients include the YMCA, Adult Learning facilities, Viaduct Care, and many charities whose purpose is to improve the health of their client group.  Su also works within Children's Social Care and in particular overseeing governance improvement in councils and for children in care.
“Shaping Governance was helpful for our pending CQC inspection to ensure the Board were clear on their expectations for the CQC inspection against the 5 domains. It also helped to provide clarity around evidence against the domains for the Board, which has led to the development of the integrated dashboard that underpins the Board assurance framework.  It also strengthened teamwork across the Board”
Dr Elizabeth Elliot, Former CEO, Viaduct Care CIC (GP Federation)

How we help

Our Shaping Governance Programme is a proven governance improvement framework that takes a strengths-based approach to supporting boards and teams to improve.  It helps them to systematically review their knowledge and practice against nine important areas of leadership and governance, including CQC domains, and create an improvement plan. Our programme helps boards to:
  • Get to understand the CQC inspection framework and how they can improve their assurance that services are safe, effective and demand-led;
  • Enhance knowledge of roles, responsibilities and the organisation itself, and improve teamwork;
  • Help the Board to adopt a learning culture and make better patient-centred decisions;
  • Be sighted on the improvements needed and create an improvement plan.
The Shaping Governance technique is strength-based, and uses a mix of learning, sharing and improving in one session (usually around 2 hours in length).  Providing the valuable space outside of 'board meetings' that Boards need to be effective.

"Su was instrumental in getting our ILACS (Inspection of Local Authority Services) to good"

Swindon Council

Su’s work on health inequalities nationally led to a re-engineering of how elected councillors can scrutinise policy and practice of the causes of poor health. Her approach and the creation of a new Return on Investment model of scrutiny has received recognition by Secretary of State(s) for health for its uniqueness and creativity.

Jessica Crowe, former CEO CfPS

Su’s approach is participative and guides Elected Members through what good corporate parenting looks like so that they can benchmark their approach. Elected Members are key to good corporate parenting and they leave the training programme understanding their role as a Corporate Parent and practical ways in which they can carry out the role effectively."

Dr Lee-Anne Farach, Medway Council
"Thank you for speaking at our Leadership Essentials Conference, feedback for your session was positive and sparked discussion in terms of actions that Councillors are taking back to their Councils"

Local Government Association

Su is a skilled facilitator, able to engage with people and communities from all walks of life, from community groups to councillors and council officers to national government officials...

Jessica Crowe Former CEO CfPS