Governor Induction and refresher training

Being new to governance can be a daunting experience,

especially if the governor is not from an education background.

Effective induction for new governors is really important.  Traditional induction training involves new governors attending training alongside new governors from other boards.  Whilst we understand this type of training has its place, it doesn't necessarily help them to understand how governance works in their own school, and transferring learning from individual training can be tricky.  We know that there is a better way to induct them into governance.  It is also important to regularly update the skills and knowledge of governors, as things change regularly within education.


The Original Shaping Governance: Improve; was created alongside schools to provide a better induction for governors by:

  • Helping them to understand roles and responsibilities, as well as refreshing the knowledge of existing governors;
  • Understanding how these responsibilities are carried out in the school; learning from colleagues;
  • Embedding them in the ‘team’ of governors and improving team working.

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