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The role a Council and its councillors play in improving the quality of life and outcomes for children is an important one.  But it is not just the social workers that can make a positive impact on children, its governance and accountability that makes a real difference too.

Our Experience

We are a leading governance improvement organisation working with Councils and the Local Government Association to help elected councillors to understand the added value that the role of independent challenge and scrutiny can bring to the strategic leadership of a Council.
Our support helps those councillors who are part of Overview and Scrutiny Committees or Corporate Parenting Boards to be more effective, drawing on our comprehensive governance and children's services portfolio and experience.
Our CEO, Su Turner, has authored many publications on the role of scrutiny from her national work for the Department of Health and Department for Education.

"Su was instrumental in getting our ILACS (Inspection of Local Authority Services) to good"


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Influence is power! We support councils to create a healthy organisational culture which values and welcomes scrutiny and challenge.
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Being a Corporate Parent is the most important role for elected councillors; we help to improve understanding and impact.
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We support councillors to develop effective mechanisms for hearing and using the voice of the child to improve outcomes.
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"Su was instrumental in getting our ILACS (Inspection of Local Authority Services) to good"

Swindon Council

Su’s work on health inequalities nationally led to a re-engineering of how elected councillors can scrutinise policy and practice of the causes of poor health. Her approach and the creation of a new Return on Investment model of scrutiny has received recognition by Secretary of State(s) for health for its uniqueness and creativity.

Jessica Crowe, former CEO CfPS

Su’s approach is participative and guides Elected Members through what good corporate parenting looks like so that they can benchmark their approach. Elected Members are key to good corporate parenting and they leave the training programme understanding their role as a Corporate Parent and practical ways in which they can carry out the role effectively."

Dr Lee-Anne Farach, Medway Council
"Thank you for speaking at our Leadership Essentials Conference, feedback for your session was positive and sparked discussion in terms of actions that Councillors are taking back to their Councils"

Local Government Association

Su is a skilled facilitator, able to engage with people and communities from all walks of life, from community groups to councillors and council officers to national government officials...

Jessica Crowe Former CEO CfPS

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