2023 has been named the Commonwealth Year of the Youth to focus on actions that improve the health, education, economic, employment and safeguarding challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.

The pledge includes ten key commitments, with understandably, a big focus on education, and focusing on resilience and sustainability; learning technologies; leadership in education; transitions within and outside the education system; addressing inequalities and the financing of education - all big ticket areas for most of the schools that we work with.

Other key commitments include
improving health systems, boosting child protection and safeguarding, climate change, empowerment and using evidence-based insight to target interventions. Click here to find out more from the Commonwealth Website.

How do we help?

We can help you become more child-centred in your governing practice.

We use appreciative approaches to support you in finding the best ways to use the voice of the children, young people, parents and carers in monitoring how services and education are delivered.  Our focus is on helping you to navigate the options for 'active' listening, how you can build this in routinely and how this can improve the delivery and impact of your work.

We have devised a Practical Engagement Toolkit which supports Councillors and School Governors, helping them to be more curious about services and outcomes for children in care by asking - is it good enough for my child.

Organisations we have worked with

We are a leading governance improvement organisation and have worked with 100s of schools, councils and national membership organisations such as the Local Government Association to help 'governors' to understand their responsibilities and how they can discharge these effectively.

Our Founder and CEO Su Turner is a trained appreciative facilitator and has developed simple but effective ways to embed voice and improve the monitoring of schools and councils.


"Su was instrumental in getting our ILACS (Inspection of Local Authority Services) to good"

Swindon Council

Su’s approach is participative and guides Elected Members through what good corporate parenting looks like so that they can benchmark their approach. Elected Members are key to good corporate parenting and they leave the training programme understanding their role as a Corporate Parent and practical ways in which they can carry out the role effectively."

Dr Lee-Anne Farach, Medway Council
"Thank you for speaking at our Leadership Essentials Conference, feedback for your session was positive and sparked discussion in terms of actions that Councillors are taking back to their Councils"

Local Government Association

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