Shaping Governance in not-for-profit and community organisations 

Shaping Governance™️ is our multi-award-winning governance improvement toolkit, that makes an immediate improvement to charity governance. It's highly interactive; ensuring that all trustees get a chance to learn, contribute, and enhance their effectiveness.
How does Shaping Governance improve governance?
Shaping Governance® sessions support Trustees and Senior Officers to work together to:
  • Improve teamwork within the Board and across the charity;
  • Enhance knowledge of all Trustees - on their roles and responsibilities and also their charity;
  • Ensure the highest standard of governance in line with the Charity Governance Code;
  • Help their board to adopt a continuous learning culture using the Shaping Governance® tool;
  • Be sighted on the improvements needed and create their own improvement plan, embedding this for the future;
  • It helps Boards to explore and learn about areas of governance that are often overlooked or neglected.


Shaping Governance supports all boards to explore and learn about 9 key areas of governance. This builds a picture of how they govern their charity, the strengths and where they need to improve their effectiveness


Your Board will use a specially designed process to discuss and share their insight across the 9 key areas, leading to an up-skilling and levelling out of knowledge across Trustees; it's great for succession planning and sharing good practice.


Your Board is challenged to benchmark your practice against how you should govern, and from the good practice that we have identified. From this they identify their strengths and areas for development.


Shaping Governance helps Trustees to communicate more effectively, the appreciative nature of Shaping Governance enables all Trustees to share their knowledge in a safe improving space.


All Boards that use Shaping Governance cite immediate benefits - as well as long term benefits when the recommendations are implemented

Shaping Governance is a membership service, where once signed-up, every year* you will receive:
  • An award-winning Shaping Governance session for your Charity's Board;
  • Insight from the good practice that we have identified;
  • Tailored reports and improvement plans; with our tips and recommendations;
  • Virtual support and progress checks throughout the year
  • Access to a special Cross-Sector, Member-only Facebook Group for additional networking and information;
  • A special Shaping Governance plaque for your reception area.
*Annual fee payable, see full T&C's